Quick Guide to Acing Your Law Firms’ Digital Marketing Efforts

If you own a law firm, it is time to consider your marketing strategies if you want to land more client jobs. Digital strategy for law firms has made it possible to expand your reach and tap into prospect clients you normally would not have access to. The moment you decide to put together a dedicated marketing strategy, you will notice your revenue slowly but gradually trickle up. Below are a few basic and vital areas to focus your efforts on.
Digital Strategy for Law Firms
PPC for Law Firms


The use of PPC marketing as a digital strategy for law firms is one of the lesser utilized marketing schemes. The main reason for this is due to the expensive cost that is associated with PPC advertising, especially if you choose Google’s AdWords system. Top keywords or keyphrases are too expensive. Hence, experts advise using geo-targeted keywords rather than the generic “attorneys” or “lawyers”. Even adding your specific area of specialization can still be expensive and would involve too many competition. For example, “personal injury lawyers” is too broad and will probably not yield as much benefit to your campaign either.

To make it easier and targeted, make sure to include your location in the keywords. Hence, clients who type in the terms “personal injury lawyers in New York” will be able to find your law firm easily and ensure correct matching on the searches.


Social Media for Law Firms


The fact that a lot of the social media websites allow you to set up your account and post for free is a huge advantage for law firms. You need to invest in social media training for law firms because, like mentioned above, it is a free marketing tool at your disposal. All you need to invest in is your time and strategy and you can promote for free.

There are plenty of ways in which you can use social media to improve your marketing, too. You can use this as a tool to evaluate client feedback. What do people say about your law firm on social media? If it’s positive, you can use that to reinforce your brand and showcase your expertise in the legal industry. If it’s negative, you will have a chance to fix your image and undo the damage. Most of the people that are on social media are also highly active. Hence, you will be able to easily interact with potential clients in real-time, effectively putting a face and a voice to your law firm’s brand.


Content Marketing for Law Firms


A good social media marketing strategy should be tied up with a winning content marketing strategy. When you promote on social media, you need to refer your potential clients to a website that is properly laid out and has good content quality. Providing useful and practical legal information is one of the best ways to establish your expertise. Thus, it is important that you focus on building good content together with a winning social media campaign.

When it comes to writing, you need to be able to produce content that is easy for non-lawyers to digest. This will help you easily win over clients and gain their trust. When it comes to picking out content, focus on subject matter that is in line with your expertise as a law firm.
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